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Knomo’s Lyndon bagAre men too prone to ‘It’ bags of the season? And we thought it was only the fairer sex who made getting on a waiting list for a super expensive bag sound glamorous. Personally, the waiting game doesn’t do it for me. While the latest isue of GQ would have us believing that the old-fashioned Wall-street accessory- the briefcase is back (even a version with Swarovski crystals- can’t think of anyone but Snoop Dog carrying it even) and that the messenger bag doesn’t quite pronounce sophistication like the briefcase. Well take your pick, here is Knomo’s latest lime green pony skin Lyndon laptop bag for too cool for school dudes. The eye-catchy man accessory is available at Harvey Nichols for Dhs 1610 only. The bag also features interior pockets for every possible gadget you could think of such as PDA, iPod, mobile phone, keys, pens etc. Leave the briefcases for the pin-striped variety. This one wins hands down.


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