Colour me beautiful


I discovered the fabulously French Genevieve Lethu store at Mercato Mall who stock colourful home accessories that are a cross between Provence style and contemporary chic. Since kitsch is back in fashion, (don’t believe me? just check out the October issue of Icon magazine) I thought this would be a great way to bring some colour into interiors with nifty accessories. The store sells everything from china to decorative accoutrements, clever gadgets, table cloths and in the spirit of the season, Christmas decorations as well.

But it wasn’t just the ‘things’ I discovered at the shop but also the fact that Imelda Marcos was actually a kind woman who didn’t exploit her people. Yes, Banjie, the lovely Philipina sales assistant, even if a little chatty, told me that poor Imelda was only doing the small-time shoe companies in the Philippines a favour by wearing their shoes to high-profile official events and earning them free publicity so they could be sold in foreign countries.  Unfotunately, she became a victim of political shennanigans and was vilified.

 Next time you visit the store, make sure you get a few nuggets of trivia by Banjie. Tel: 04- 3448810.


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