Trend-setters at Pecha Kucha Dubai

 xs1w5126.jpg  xs1w5128.jpg                                                           xs1w5124.jpgxs1w5157.jpg


Row 1 from left: Manabu Ozawa with a friend; the lady in white is always dressed in quirky accessories, I must get her name next time.

Row 2 from left: White-tee clad girls; and girls engaged in a deep conversation

Row 3 from left: the gorgeous girl in houndstooth dress always turns up in funky outfits, again I must get ther name next time; Melina Mitri of stylish boutique S*uce; Greg Bong (in blue jumper) and Yvonne Courtney of Gulf Interiors; Nadine Kanso and Patricia Millns doing the Waltz. If anyone knows the name of people in these pictures who haven’t been mentioned, please write in to let me know. All information received will be greatly appreciated.

Here are a few more pictures from last week’s Pecha Kucha. Like I said earlier, lots of white-tees (is white the new black?).


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