Helvetica at traffic design gallery

Last night I watched the hit documentary-Helvetica by Gary Hustwit at traffic. Well-made with many interesting anecdotes and interviews with well-known typeface designers, including icons such as Massimo Vignelli, Vim Crouwel and my favourites Erik Spiekermann and Stefan Seigmaster, the documentary had me glued to the chair (in this case the cool chair one by Konstantin Grcic) for 90 minutes. The ubiquitous typeface, which was created in a small foundry celebrated its 50th anniversary earlier this year and has been the most influential font of our visual culture. I also learnt the difference between serif and sans-serif fonts!

Screenings are free happening at 7:30 pm until December 16. Seats are limited and on first come-first-served-basis. So reserve yours now. Oh! and the really nice people at the gallery also serve soft drinks and popcorn for a true cinema experience and it’s all on the house. Call traffic at 04-3418494

To know more about Helvetica, check out the following link: 



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