Pencil Therapy at Studio Apart


When I visited Amsterdam in October this year, I discovered this art/design gallery Studio Apart by accident while looking for Frozen Fountain, which is just a few shops down the road from Studio Apart and as they say accidents are always beautiful. The lovely Carolina, gallery manager, has sent me these beautiful pieces of artwork by artist R.E.L. aka Ariel Zachor who is exhibiting his collection of artwork titled Pencil Therapy at the gallery. It is a series of large scale pencil drawings that almost have a photographic effect.

The exhibition runs until January 22, 2008 at Studio Apart, Prinsengracht 715, Amsterdam.



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3 responses to “Pencil Therapy at Studio Apart

  1. psychoticreaction

    These are absolutely fantastic! How do the dimensions run? They look just gigantic. Is there anything else coming up at this Studio?

  2. The sizes vary from 210cm x 100cm,
    160cm x 120cm & 120cm x 80.
    Pencil on cardboard.


  3. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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