Jamal Abdul Rahim at Meem Gallery


Bahraini artist Jamal Abdul Rahim is presenting his exhibition titled Memory of the beautiful time at Meem Gallery in Dubai. Rahim is a renowned artist who has previosuly exhibited throughtout Europe and the Middle East. In his current exhibition, Rahim portrays famous personalities of the 60s such as Che Guevara, Om Kolthoum, Fairouz and Nasser in a vividly modern interpretation.  

Meem Gallery has been bringing in some of the most acclaimed Middle Eastern artists to Dubai such as Rima Farah, Ali Omar Ermes, Nja Mahadoui and many more since it opened in 2006. 

The exhibition will run at Meem Gallery until January 18, 2008. Call (04) 3477883 for more details.


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