Sheikh Majed Al Sabah turns blogger!

I’m a huge fan of Sheikh Majed Al Sabah and I even told him so at the International Design Forum, the only time that I ever met him. He is the man who brought edgy haute couture labels to the Middle East. I was sad when the Villa Moda store in Dubai was no longer called Villa Moda but only until I heard that he had roped in one of my favourite designers Jaime Hayon to design a new Villa Moda store at Festival City that will have a lot more than fashion.  And I am also excited about my absolute favourite designer Marcel Wanders desgined Villa Moda store in Bahrain. 

Sheikh Majed’s concepts have turned the West’s perception of Middle East on its heels. Check out this link on New York Times T Magazine’s blog where Sheikh Majed is this week’s guest blogger. Blogging would never be so fashionable!



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2 responses to “Sheikh Majed Al Sabah turns blogger!

  1. It is a great story and I also think that fashion blogger is better than just simply working as a designer behind counters.



    Armine, thank you for your comment. Sheikh Majed is actually not a designer himself, but more a fashion and lifestyle entrepreneur and a trendsetter in many ways.

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