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Foster+Partners’ projects in China, Russia and Middle East


Living Wall in Jordan, the high-rise buildings will rise out this quarry-looking space.


Russia Tower in Moscow will be Europe’s tallest tower and another ‘sustainable’ architecture project. 


Pushkin Museum extension in Moscow


Central Market in Abu Dhabi (left) & Abu Dhabi Plaza in Astana, Kazakhstan (right) reinterpret the traditional market places with cutting-edge technology.


Khanty Mansiysk in Siberia, another futuristic looking sustainable project.

I have to make a correction- I’ve been referring to Lord Norman Foster as ‘Sir’, when he’s actually a title bigger- that is ‘Lord’. From the number of projects that Lord Foster is doing, it would seem like he would hardly have the time to bother about titles anyway, or would he? Here’re a few more projects by Foster+Partners in three of the biggest boomtowns in the world- the Middle East, China and Russia.

With the word sustainable being used (rather abused) by all and sundry, I would like to know what it really means or doesn’t mean! Futuristic is another over-used term. Perhaps sustainable means futuristic or is it the biggest spiel of 21st century?


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National Center for Performing Arts in Beijing by Paul Andreu


China has unveiled its latest object of display- the National Centre for Performing Arts in Beijing, next to another landmark- the Tiananmen Square. It is designed by renowned French architect Paul Andreu, known for his airports throughout the world including Charles De Gaulle in Paris and the latest Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport amongst others. 

Andreu conceived the centre as a transparent island and a city of theatres surrounded by a man-made lake in Beijing’s latest cultural district.  The exterior Yin-Yang-inspired shell in the shape of a half ellipsoid is covered by titanium panels and accentuated in the middle by a curtain of glass that opens gradually from top to bottom. The entrance and other passages are situated under the lake. Even though it looks like a lunar-lander, I think it is pretty impressive for the symmetry and the context in which it sits.

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