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New RTA HQ in Dubai by Zwarts & Jansma Architects


Dutch architect firm Zwarts & Jansma Architects have won the competition to design the new headquarters of the Road & Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai. RTA HQ will be built on an artificial lake on Marrakech Road in the Al Garhoud area, adjacent to the Business Bay Bridge and neighbouring the new interchange of Rabat Road.

RTA HQ will stand as a watchtower overlooking a landscape of infrastructure embedded by the natural beauty of the Dubai Creek and the green zone of Festival City. The crossing of waterways, highways and subways has been a key-factor in the development of both the architectural concept and the landscaping. The building is designed as a huge canvas of glass crystal embellished with Venetian blinds. The angular surfaces of the building further accentuate the sharp structure. The reflection of sunlight changes the appearance of the facades during the day. The façade facing the Business Bay Bridge will be covered with a grid of LED-lights: a ‘billboard’ showing images, animations or information to the flow of traffic crossing the creek.

During office hours, different features will make the water swirl and turn, in the evening the surface will become quiet. The light-effects then take over, reflecting the building and the city’s traffic. The level of the lake is slightly above that of the surrounding area. Underneath it are a publicly accessible exposition space and a congress facility.


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Jessica Kagan Bangles at S*uce


Inject some sass into your wardrobe and make an artistic statement with these gorgeous Jessica Kagan bangles available exclusively at S*uce. The ivory bracelets that have some cheeky phrases and quotes from old movies or books are hot amongst Hollywood stars such as Lindsay Lohan.

S*uce at the Village Mall, Dubai 04 344 7270

S*uce at Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi 02 681 8650

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Sheikh Majed Al Sabah turns blogger!

I’m a huge fan of Sheikh Majed Al Sabah and I even told him so at the International Design Forum, the only time that I ever met him. He is the man who brought edgy haute couture labels to the Middle East. I was sad when the Villa Moda store in Dubai was no longer called Villa Moda but only until I heard that he had roped in one of my favourite designers Jaime Hayon to design a new Villa Moda store at Festival City that will have a lot more than fashion.  And I am also excited about my absolute favourite designer Marcel Wanders desgined Villa Moda store in Bahrain. 

Sheikh Majed’s concepts have turned the West’s perception of Middle East on its heels. Check out this link on New York Times T Magazine’s blog where Sheikh Majed is this week’s guest blogger. Blogging would never be so fashionable!



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Jamal Abdul Rahim at Meem Gallery


Bahraini artist Jamal Abdul Rahim is presenting his exhibition titled Memory of the beautiful time at Meem Gallery in Dubai. Rahim is a renowned artist who has previosuly exhibited throughtout Europe and the Middle East. In his current exhibition, Rahim portrays famous personalities of the 60s such as Che Guevara, Om Kolthoum, Fairouz and Nasser in a vividly modern interpretation.  

Meem Gallery has been bringing in some of the most acclaimed Middle Eastern artists to Dubai such as Rima Farah, Ali Omar Ermes, Nja Mahadoui and many more since it opened in 2006. 

The exhibition will run at Meem Gallery until January 18, 2008. Call (04) 3477883 for more details.

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traffic design gallery Dubai launches design competition


Dubai’s first design gallery- traffic have launched a new regional design competition which is open to designers of Middle Eastern origin and designers residing in the Middle East. Founder Rami Farook has roped in rock stars of design world such as Karim Rashid, Konstantin Grcic and Dubai’s super talented architect Khalid Al Najjar, founder of DXB Lab architecture firm, as the jury panel.

The competition is divided into three categories: Decorative object; Lounge Chair; interior design of a design retail space for which winning entries will receive cash prizes worth USD 2,000; USD 3,000 and USD 4,000 respectively. Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

Innovation; Aesthetic/design quality; Functionality; Ergonomics; Ecological compatibility;  Commerciality; Durability; Symbolic and emotional content; Manufacturabilty and Cultural relevance.

Awards timelines

The design competition officially launches December 1 2007, and first round entries will be accepted until March 09 2008. Applicants will need to submit the following:


  • Completed and signed Application Form scanned in pdf format

  • Up to 3 pdfs including at least one glamor shot

  • Up to 3 pages of explanations on design / concept.

  • 1 Head-shot of applicant.

First round submissions should be emailed to traffic@9714.com

 The jury will then select 10 of the entries to be further developed by the applicants including the creation of prototypes. The prototypes and detailed technical drawings including material samples will then need to be submitted before April 31 2008. Nominees will need to submit the following:

  • 1 prototype (no smaller than 0.5mx0.5m and no bigger than 2mxm)

  • Technical drawings

  • Material samples.

Final round submissions will be accepted at the following locations:

traffic, Al Barsha, Dubai, near Mall of the Emirates – map online at www.viatraffic.org;

9714 offices, next to The Third Line gallery in Al Quoz, Dubai;

9714, PO Box 73617, Dubai, UAE, t +971.4.340.20.90.

The jury will then meet to deliberate and choose the final winners between May 01 and June 09. Winners will then be notified and an awards event will be held at traffic in June 2008.


All designers (professional or otherwise) residing in the Middle East (defined as: Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Iraq, Iran and Libya) or of Middle Eastern origin are entitled to enter. Entrants must be at least 18 years old.

You could be the next rock star of the design world!


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Metropolis on Dubai


I would like to share this extremely interesting story in the November issue of Metropolis magazine bys well-known journalist Stephen Zacks. He talks about how Dubai will be the new economic and cultural capital of the world. With the biggest names in the corporate world- banks, IT, energy and gas companies, architecture firms setting up shop here, it doesn’t sound like a far-fetched idea.

Stephen also mentions the big renewable energy and sustainable environment that will be the driving force in time to come. It’s a very in-depth analysis of the current situation and the future plans. Dubai has been on the cover of National Geographic before and now it’s on the cover of Metropolis as well. Do you think UAE is moving in the right direction in creating a sustainable environment? Write in and let us know what you think.

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